Pazhassi Raja Tomb is the memorial where rests the mortal remains of Pazhassi Raja, the lion of Kerala, who organized the guerilla warfare against the British. It is located at Mananthavady in Wayanad District. There is also a park built in memory of Pazhassi Raja. The Pulpally Cave, where Pazhassi Raja took refuge, is nearby.
Mananthavady is 32 km north-east of Kalpetta.

Pazhassi Raja tomb is a memorial of the Pazhassi Raja who was seen as the lion of Kerala. He had a command over the entire regime. Pazhassi raja organized a guerilla type of warfare against the British in ancient days and he is remembered for his valor. In remembrance of him, the mortal remains rest in the Pazhassi raja tomb. Pazhassi raja tomb is situated in the wayanad district at Mananthavady. He was cremated in 1805 after the warfare against British east India Company.

A park is sited in memory of Pazhassi raja. He was a prominent figure as he was the earliest to revolt against British and adapted guerilla techniques.